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Intense Rain, Wind and Hail Damage Crops in Parts of Saskatchewan
Meghan Rosso - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for June 28, 2024

Farmers in regions of Saskatchewan hit by intense rain, wind and hail over the past week are evaluating the potential for damaged crops to recover.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its crop report Thursday for the period from June 18th to 24th.
Meghan Rosso, a Crops Extension Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture says conditions were quite variable over the past week with some regions receiving minimal rain while others experienced heavy storms with wind, intense rain and hail.

Quote-Meghan Rosso-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Producers continue to assess crops for hail recovery which varies based on the type of crop and its developmental stage.
The cooler temperatures across Saskatchewan continue to slow crop development.
Notably spring wheat and oilseed crops are still the furthest behind the normal stages of development for this time of year.
Crops within the southwest region of the province are the furthest advanced while crops in the central and northern regions are falling further behind in development.
Warmer temperatures will be needed in the coming weeks to help crop development progress but, while crop conditions vary, the majority of crops are rated as in good condition throughout the province.
Producers reported excess moisture, which has been rated as severe in some regions, as water is accumulating in areas of the fields and contributing to crop stress.
These areas will remain unseeded and areas that were seeded may not be able to recover from the current moisture stress.
The frequent rainfall and moisture stressed areas are also contributing to leaf disease and root rot development.
Some areas within the province also experienced minor to severe hail and wind damage with producers still assessing which crops will be able to recover.
Frost was also reported but overall was rated as minor.
Gophers continue to be a problem with areas of severe damage reported that needed to be reseeded.
Flea beetles and grasshoppers are persisting with producers taking control measures when needed within some regions of the province.

Rosso says producers are finishing in crop herbicide and insecticide applications where needed and as the weather allows and, in the coming weeks given the persistent rainfall that is contributing to disease development, producers will be looking toward fungicide applications.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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