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Sask Pork Whole Hog Youth Ambassador Encourages Fellow Youth to Learn More About Agriculture
Reise Podhordeski - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board

Farmscape for November 20, 2023

The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board's Whole Hog Youth Ambassador is encouraging kids to learn more about how their food is produced and what farmers are doing to make sure the food is grown in an environmentally friendly manner.
Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2023, held this month in Saskatoon, was the latest stop for Sask Pork's Whole Hog Youth Ambassador.
The Whole Hog Youth Ambassador program, launched in January 2023, is an agricultural-education program that focusses on the younger generation.
10-year-old Riese Poderdeski, a farm kid who lives and works on his family's commercial hay operation near Marcelin, Saskatchewan, says his family has a long history in agriculture including his grand parents who ran a successful hog operation.

Quote-Riese Poderdeski-Saskatchewan Pork Development Board:
As the ambassador I help represent Sask Pork and all the hog producers in the province.
I've been able to go on tours, interview people in the industry and learn all about why pigs are raised.
Then I get to share that information with other kids in their classrooms and on field trips.
I've been able to meet a lot of people who work in the hog industry, film crews and other ag influencers, like Maddie from "Learning about Ag with Maddie."
I've also been able to meet some cool people like Filipe the long rider who was the Keynote speaker at Symposium.
I think the most interesting thing that I have learned is the fact that full grown sows can weight between 500 and 700 pounds.
I think that people don't know a lot about how we get our food.
Farmers work really hard to make sure their pigs are healthy and well taken care of.
We are actually going to make a series of videos in the new year.
I will be learning more about how hog farmers give back to the land and also about what kind of careers are available in the industry.

Poderdeski says there's a lot of cool stuff to know about where our food come from.
He encourages other kids our age to learn more about agriculture and to stay tuned for more videos.
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Lucas Cochrane.

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