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Manitoba Crops Now 90 Percent Harvested
Dennis Lange - Manitoba Agriculture

Farmscape for October 19, 2023

Manitoba Agriculture reports 90 percent of crops across the province are now in the bins.
Manitoba Agriculture has released its last crop report of the season.
Dennis Lange, a pulse and soybean specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and editor of the provincial crop report, says only trace amounts of precipitation were reported over the past week, allowing farmers to get back on the fields.

Quote-Dennis Lange-Manitoba Agriculture:
We're right now sitting at 90 percent harvest completion across the province.
Crops like winter cereals and spring cereals are all complete for the most part in Manitoba.
Canola is moving along.
We're sitting at about 94 percent complete so there is some canola to go.
There have been a few challenges with green plant material, like green plant stems that have slowed the progress down in some areas a little bit.
Most areas are reporting over 90 percent complete though so I would expect over the next week to see a lot of that wrapped up.
Soybeans are sitting at 81 percent complete across the province.
The central region is furthest advanced sitting at 90 percent and the southwest is probably about the furthest behind at 70 percent but I would expect that to pick up again this week.
We've had a little bit of rain shower here on Wednesday so that will slow things down a little bit but I think things are moving along pretty good.
And, it's nice to see some sunflowers being harvested as well.
The central region is about 40 percent complete harvested on sunflowers.
Provincially we're sitting about 22 percent complete so things are getting close.
This is the last official crop report.
Next week we're doing a provincial summary of the year so this is the last time we'll be presenting some of this information.

Lange says, as far as yields, most crops will be close to average across the board but quality right now is pretty good.
He says, although there have been some issues with hail in some areas and dryness in other areas, for a lot of growers yields have been a pleasant surprise.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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