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Saskatchewan Crops In Good to Fair Condition, Rain Needed
Mackenzie Hladun - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for July 14, 2023

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports crops across the province are in generally good to fair condition but immediate rain is needed.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
Mackenzie Hladun, a crop extension specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says crops continued to progress this week with the warm temperatures but the dry conditions are impacting parts of the province and producers are hoping for immediate rain.

Quote-Mackenzie Hladun-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Very little rain was received this past week and most of it was received in the Dinsmore area with 14 millimetres, so again very minimal.
A large decrease in soil moisture accompanied the warm weather and minimal rain this past week.
Cropland topsoil moisture is currently at 21 percent adequate, 55 percent short and 24 percent very short.
Hay and pastureland topsoil moisture follows a very similar pattern.
17 percent is adequate, 55 percent is short and 28 percent is very short.
Crop damage this past week was mostly due to heat and moisture stress and that was seen across the entire province however it's mostly centralised around that west central and southwest regions because the east half of the province received quite a bit of moisture this spring which really replenished the soil moisture reserves for the coming growing season.
However, that west side of the province didn't receive that spring moisture.
Grasshoppers remain a primary concern for a lot of producers and all of our producers are remined that when they're scouting for grasshoppers, keep in mind those economic thresholds.
As for weeds and disease, nothing has been reported to be of primary concern, however I stress that producers are also scouting their fields for everything.
Crops are generally in in good to fair condition.
Provincially winter wheat and soybean crops are in the best condition with 60 percent of wheat in good condition and 67 percent of soybeans in good condition.
Mustard and canary seed are the crops in the poorest condition right now with 35 percent of mustard and 21 percent of canary seed in very poor condition.
Producers right now are also concerned about their water quality given the dry conditions that we're experiencing in the province.

Hladun says any producers who are concerned about water quality are welcome to bring water samples into their regional offices for testing.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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