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Carlos Martins 53:32 Listen
Mark Wilson 47:28 Listen

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Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2020 Audio Special
Farmscape Staff

Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2020 Audio Special for November 6, 2020

Dan Bussières, a Pork Feed Specialist with Groupe Cérès, discusses "Sow Nutrition and Feeding: New Developments and Key Aspects to Ensure Success."
Runs 54:25ères-201105.mp3

Carlos Martins, the Manager of Technical Services with Hypor, a Hendrix Genetics Company, discusses "Practical Farrowing Management for Better Results."
Runs 53:32

Mark Wilson, a Swine Reproductive Physiologist with Zinpro Corporation, discusses "Boar Management and Nutrition."
Runs 47:28

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