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Canada to Be Among First Six to Implement CPTPP
Gary Stordy - Canadian Pork Council

Farmscape for October 29, 2018

The Canadian Pork Council says the federal government's timely ratification of the 11 nation Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership will ensure Canada is among the first six nations to take full advantage of the benefits of the agreement.
On Thursday Bill C-79, legislation to implement the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership, received Royal Assent and the agreement will soon be formally ratified by the Government of Canada.
Gary Stordy, the Director, Government and Corporate Affairs with the Canadian Pork Council, says this will ensure the Canadian pork sector is among the first to take full advantage of the benefits of agreement.

Clip-Gary Stordy-Canadian Pork Council:
We're part of a gold standard trade deal.
This really is a model for other trade deals moving forward.
We've seen that with the renegotiation of NAFTA where there was certain aspects of this trade deal picked up.
Parts of it are being used in other trade deals.
Moving forward we expect CPTPP to a model for other trade deals to deal with areas, whether it's biotechnology, patent rights  as well as other areas of interest to the Canadian economy.
Certainly for us, at a pork interest, we will have maintained competitive access into key markets for our products.
This is a region, within the Pacific area, that does and do enjoy pork as part of their diet.
They have a growing population as well as a growing economy that is a market opportunity for us.

Stordy says this gives Canada's pork sector some stability, a level of comfort that they can continue the investments into their facilities and know they have this market opportunity within these countries.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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