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Ottawa Urged to Heed Opposition to Carbon Taxation
Don Morgan - Minister of Justice Saskatchewan

Farmscape for September 12, 2018

Saskatchewan's Attorney General is urging Ottawa to heed the wave of opposition to its effort to impose carbon taxation on the provinces.
Saskatchewan launched a constitutional reference case in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in April to challenge the Federal Government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on the province.
Don Morgan, Saskatchewan's Attorney General and Minister of Justice, says support for that challenge is building.

Clip-Don Morgan-Minister of Justice Saskatchewan:
We're hoping that the Federal Government would look at what the public support was.
In our province it's in the 80 percent plus range.
Nation wide it's well over 50 percent so I don't think there is a lot of public support for going ahead with that.
I think the public has got a better understanding of what the impacts might be than the federal government so we're hoping that people will contact their members of Parliament, write directly to the Prime Minister saying this is a flawed process, don't do it.
So we're hoping that that's what takes place.
We're hearing from individuals, we're hearing from businesses and we're also hearing from out counterparts across the nation.
Right now Alberta withdrew from the federal climate program.
They're not part of our court challenge but they're also now at a point where they're not supportive of what the federal government is doing.
Manitoba is talking about doing different things.
I'm not sure where they ultimately will land but most assuredly the biggest problem for the Federal Government is that now Ontario has withdrawn and are joining our court challenge plus, to make things even more challenging for the federal government, Ontario has now launched their own reference case in their court of appeal.
Theirs is looking at a slightly long time line than ours because they've started a little bit later but they're going through exactly the same process we are in Ontario.

Morgan remains hopeful the Federal Government will rethink its position on carbon taxation.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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