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Agriculture Minister Hopeful CPTPP Will Stimulate Pork Sector Investment
Ralph Eichler - Agriculture Minister Manitoba

Farmscape for February 9, 2018

Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture is hopeful Canada's participation in the new Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership will provide the confidence necessary to stimulate new investment in the province's pork sector.
The 11 nations involved the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership are scheduled to formally sign the free trade agreement next month.
Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler told those on hand yesterday in Winnipeg for the 2018 Manitoba Swine Seminar he sees this as a huge opportunity.

Clip-Ralph Eichler-Minister of Agriculture Manitoba:
When ever we have opportunity for new markets being ready is a key factor.
I see the swine business in particular being a good business for investments.
We have several things going in our advantage because Manitoba is ready as far as legislation, as far as markets, as far as capacity is concerned, not only from HyLife but Maple Leaf and other smaller niche processors are able to capture on some of those initiatives.
We're hoping that producers and those that are waiting to invest take advantage of that opportunity.
We've cleared the way as far as legislation is concerned for some building codes that was not necessary for our producers.
That will make that investment far more profitable so we encourage investment as we go forward.
We do have an aging infrastructure, which I am concerned about.
We've had 20 years where we haven't had a new barn built.
Some of those barns needed to be rebuilt in the early 2000s and they haven't been so that will give them an opportunity to modernize and become more efficient as well.

Eichler remains optimistic that a modernized North American Free Trade Agreement will also move forward.
He says both the Senate and House of Representatives have voiced their support for the deal and there is a recognition that Canada is an important participant in the U.S. economy, that without Canada's participation the U.S. will suffer.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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