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Dr. Qiang Zhang 5:44 Listen
Cam McGavin 10:31 Listen
Dr. Neal Matthews 5:58 Listen
Dr. John Carr 11:54 Listen
Dr. Glen Duizer 7:26 Listen

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Manitoba Swine Seminar Audio Special
Farmscape Staff

Farmscape Manitoba Swine Seminar Audio Special for February 9, 2017

-Dr. Qiang Zhang, a professor with the University of Manitoba discusses "Odour and the Barn."
Feature Runs: 5:44

-Cam McGavin, the General Manager of Topigs Norsvin Canada, discusses "Building a Barn: Moving Through the Process."
Feature Runs: 10:31

-Dr. Neal Matthews, an Applied Meat Scientist with PIC North America, discusses "Fat Quality and Composition in Finishing Pigs."
Feature Runs: 5:58

-Dr. John Carr, a Senior Lecturer with James Cook University, discusses an "African Swine Fever Update: Impacts on Livestock and Markets."
Feature Runs: 11:54

-Dr. Glen Duizer, an Animal Health Surveillance Veterinarian with the Chief Veterinary Office of Manitoba, discusses the "PEDv Outbreak of 2017."
Feature Runs: 7:26

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