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Consumers Seeking Sources to Answer Questions About Farming
Adrienne Ivey - View from the Ranch Porch

Farmscape for January 9, 2018

The author of the "View from the Ranch Porch" blog says most consumers are interested in how the food they eat is produced and are looking for someone who can answer their questions.
Last month the author of the View from the Ranch Porch blog was named Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan's 2017 Food and Farming Champion Award winner for her work in helping build consumer trust in agriculture.
Adrienne Ivey, who operates a ranch near Ituna with her family, says fewer people these days have any connection to agriculture.

Clip-Adrienne Ivey-View from the Ranch Porch:
When I look back to even when  I was a kid, I went to school with a lot of farm kids.
Now that my kids are in school there are almost no farm kids in their small rural school.
It is almost all kids that live in town, have maybe never been on a farm before and they don't even really know any farmer other than what myself or my kids have told them.
I feel like there is a huge disconnect just in the growing number of people that have no connection anymore with a farmer but what I think our common connection is is that we're all people.
We are all buying food for our families, we all want to keep our kids as healthy and happy as possible, we are all concerned about leaving the earth in great shape for the future generations, we're all concerned about how much food costs us when we're buying it in the grocery store or at a restaurant.
There's so many commonalities so it's just a really great opportunity to be able connect with people because they're really interested.
They know that they don't know.
They know that they've never been on a farm before, they don't know what these things really look like so they have all these questions and they're just looking for somebody to answer them for them.

Ivey says she always enjoys chatting with consumers or with fellow farmers who are wanting to learn more about how to reach out and connect with more people who are buying and consuming the food that we're all producing.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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