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Dr. Betty Althouse Recognized for Excellence in the Public Service
Grant Zalinko - Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Farmscape for December 6, 2017

Saskatchewan's Chief Veterinary Officer has been recognized for her contributions to the province's livestock industry.
Dr. Betty Althouse, the Chief Veterinary Officer with Saskatchewan's  Ministry of Agriculture has been named as one of six recipients of the Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service.
Grant Zalinko, the executive director of the Livestock Branch of Saskatchewan Agriculture, recalls Dr. Althouse joined the ministry five years ago from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and previously had worked in private practice with a multi-species clinic in Humboldt and brought valuable experience to the position.

Clip-Grant Zalinko-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
First and foremost Betty is a very energetic and effective leader who has worked tirelessly to advance both animal health and welfare initiatives within Saskatchewan.
She is very well respected by staff, colleagues, he profession through the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association and out industry stakeholders.
In particular I acknowledge Betty's leadership and the ability for her to build and work on the teamwork skills within our branch and really see her as a critical leader in our branch and within our ministry.
What we find too is Dr, Althouse represents our province so effectively on national working groups.
Whether it's the Council of Chief Veterinary Officers or sitting on councils for national farmed animals and welfare councils across the country, she represents our province very very effectively.

Zalinko notes Saskatchewan's livestock sector is an important economic driver, producing about two billion dollars in livestock farm cash receipts annually.
He says the work that Dr. Althouse leads with the Animal Health Unit serves a very important role in protecting the health and welfare of animals in Saskatchewan.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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