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Manitoba Farm Safety Program Launches Free Infrared Barn Inspection Service
Renee Simcoe - Manitoba Farm Safety Program

Farmscape for October 10, 2017

In an effort to help farmers reduce the risk of barn fires, the Manitoba Farm Safety Program is now offering infrared barn inspections.
Prompted by a hog barn fire in New Bothwell this summer, the Manitoba Farm Safety Program is now offering a free inspection of barns using infrared technology to identify potential hot spots focusing on electrical wiring, motor and fan bearings and other potential sources of ignition.
Manitoba Farm Safety Program Communications Coordinator Renee Simcoe says priority is being given to hog barns but any barn operator in Manitoba is eligible.

Clip-Renee Simcoe-Manitoba Farm Safety Program:
Earlier this summer there was in eastern Manitoba a fairly large fatal barn fire.
We may see one or two of these a year.
As the safety association for the province we decided to provide a free tool for farmers and most of our services are at this point in time free.
We acquired two pieces of technology.
One is a camera, a stand alone camera and one is an attachment for your phone where you can utilize the camera in your mobile device.
Basically one of our staff would come to your barn and we would go around with the farmer or the barn manager or whomever and basically just give you an infrared image reading of the areas of your barn.
I want to make it clear that any readings, any data that is extracted when we do these inspections is kept confidential and the information is given only the manager, owner or designated person who is walking around doing the inspection with our staff.

For more information on this service visit or call 204 697-1140.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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