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Farmscape Expands to CJ Radio Network
Bill Gade - CJ Radio Network

Farmscape for October 5, 2017

Farmscape has expanded its coverage to Manitoba's CJ Radio Network.
CJ Radio, a network of four radio stations with studios in Swan River, Virden, Neepawa and Gimli, has taken over as the primary carrier of Farmscape in Manitoba.
Bill Gade, the General Manager of CJ Radio, says on any given day upwards of 100 thousand people will be tuned in to the CJ Radio Network.

Clip-Bill Gade-CJ Radio Network:
We don't call ourselves country stations but many of our listeners do call us country.
We try to play a mix of things, music wise.
Probably 50 percent of what we would consider country and the other 50 percent has some older music and it has some pop music but most of those selections, as everybody knows, country is all over the place now.
If you think it's a country station you can certainly convince yourself that it is.
If you think it's a pop station you can say "they play some country once in a while which is unfortunate but the rest of it I like."
We're in small towns.
We're trying to play music that everybody can kind of put up with for at least song or two until they hear something they maybe like a little better and wait around for the news.
The number one draw to a local station like ours is the news coverage.
We try to do as much local as we can and certainly there is a role there for doing some news from across the province and the country and internationally.
We aren't ever going to be the type of station that's the leader on doing international news.
Where we shine is doing that local news.
When a fire truck goes by we're certainly going t tell you where it went and why and if everybody's O.K. and try to tell you information you can't find other places.
Besides the nuts and bolts news we certainly look at agriculture side to.
Where we are there's an awful lot of farming community and they've got their own interests in looking at what the weather is going to be and even looking at sometimes a two week forecast where you find other stations might only tell you two or three days ahead.

Gade says Farmscape will be aired across the network during the noon and 6:00 pm news packages.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

       *Farmscape is a presentation of Sask Pork and Manitoba Pork

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