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Saskatchewan Reports Good Seeding Progress Over Past Week
Shannon Friesen - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for May 19, 2017

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports, despite recent cool and wet weather, good seeding progress was made over much of the province this past week.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report, for the period from May 9 to May 15, yesterday.
Shannon Friesen, a Regional Crop Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, reports progress is on par with the five year seeding average provincially with the southeast region running slightly ahead of the five year average, the southwest slightly behind, the east-central region running right in line and the west-central, northeast and northwest regions running well behind the five year average.

Clip-Shannon Friesen-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Provincially 30 percent of the crop is now in the ground.
That is up from 11 percent last week and compares to the five year average of about 33 percent.
Most of that progress has been done in the southern part of the province as well as parts of the central area, mainly because we have lucked out in terms of optimal field conditions.
There's adequate moisture for the most part and things have been going along smooth for us.
In the north part of the province, however, it is very wet.
Many of the fields are saturated and producers are slowly getting into the fields although it may be some time before general seeding will begin up there.
52 percent of the chic peas, 50 percent of the field peas, 49 percent of the lentils, 42 percent of the mustard, 37 percent of the durum and 21 percent of both the spring wheat and the canola have now been seeded.
Most of that, of course, is in the south part of the province although producers are seeding a little bit of everything right across the province.

Friesen says cool weather over the past couple of days has hindered field progress and crop emergence but, for the most part, seeding is going well.
She says most forecasts are calling for warm and dry weather over the next week so, as long as the weather improves and producers can get into the fields, hopefully they'll be able to catch up.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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