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Food and Farming Champion Award Draws Atention to Work to Promote Saskatchewan Agriculture
Clinton Monchuk - Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan

Farmscape for April 19, 2017

The Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan says the annual Food and Farming Champion Award has proved to be an excellent vehicle for drawing attention to the tremendous work being done to promote Saskatchewan's agriculture industry.
The Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Food and Farming Champion Award was created to acknowledge those who work to promote Saskatchewan agriculture and who help build public trust in the food industry.
Nominations for 2016 are being accepted until September 30.
Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Executive Director Clinton Monchuk says the idea behind the  Award is to showcase individuals within the agriculture industry who are going above and beyond to tell the story of agriculture.

Clip-Clinton Monchuk-Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan:
Really anybody who's involved in agriculture is eligible and anybody can nominate individuals for these awards.
There's 10 pillars that will be considered within this.
First there's advocacy, so it's the general ability to speak up around the agriculture industry.
Communication, making sure we're spreading positive facts and messaging about farming, leadership, participation, support, policy, teaching, publication, innovation and research.
Those are the main 10 pillars and this really can involve anybody, whether it be a farmer who's taking a lead role to a researcher to an organization that's definitely working to positively make the image of agriculture more positive throughout this country.
The award will be presented at our annual conference which is held in Saskatoon.
It will be on December 13 and 14 at the Saskatoon Inn.
At that conference, which usually is the last day that we award the winners, so that will be the 14 of December, we will announce them then.

For more information on the Food and Farming Champion Award or to submit a nomination visit
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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